The local and national governments are the managers of development, protection and control of countries and cities. In this common service, governments maintain and administer a series of infrastructure and buildings for public use require an operation certainly effective, safe and timely. The diversity, dynamics and complexity of these buildings and infrastructure that could range from hydroelectric plants, hospitals, schools, museums and other roads to pose a continuing management challenge in infrastructure management, protocols and process standardization.

With over fifteen years of experience, Melacorp SA works continuously in real estate management technologies applied to the operation of public and private buildings to interconnect “Intelligent Public Buildings” that have a safety ranging from electronics to building automation and distributed locally and the centralization of operations from a single control room nationwide.

From monitoring people and activities, fire detection systems, control air conditioning system and building energy, to analytic videos Melacorp SA will accompany all stages of the process from assessment, technology selection, installation and implementation of the most suitable solutions.

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