Ports, Airports and Terminals


In today’s global economy, ports, airports, road and rail infrastructure are essential in the development model of cities and countries. These infrastructures of critical operation also required with a permanently higher productivity levels usually in environments that require high dynamics, integration, flexibility, efficiency and safety.

Fortunately much of the processes in ports, airports, road and rail terminals are routine and therefore automatable, a key management tool to achieve the expected productivity. Another common condition is that some processes can also be integrated which creates opportunities for economies of scale and operational flexibility.

Melacorp S.A. is continuously working on emerging technologies of automation, integration and electronic security, which allows you to take control of their infrastructure of ports, airports, roads and rail terminals of any size in a modular, scalable and flexible.

From simple monitoring and automatic analysis of visitor traffic, lounges control and runway, control of the air conditioning system of the terminal or generators, to biometric recognition, video analytics or sophisticated thermo graphic perimeter control radars, Melacorp SA will go with you to implement the technology infrastructure to improve their management capacity, security and streamline operations.

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