Building Automatism Software – BAS


Building Automation Systems (BAS) or integrated Building management systems are used to interconnect all of the components and gadgets of a building so they can be controlled and monitored from a local way or remote. The BAS keeps records and evidence of the actions of their systems and may provide them in a graphic way and user-friendly your building’s operating conditions.

One of the aspects and key strengths of BAS is the ability to integrate, which consists in using one or more protocols of communication that allows all of the smart systems to communicate with the controller or the master control system.

Melacorp S.A offer the following devices and services to configure your smart building

  • Building Automation System (BAS)
  • A/C Integration and control systems
  • Integration and Control Access Systems
  • Intrusion Integration and Control systems
  • Fire Detection Integration and Control System
  • Integration and control of CCTV systems
  • Integration and control of active control systems
  • Integration and control energy control systems
  • Integration and control generation systems
  • Integration and IT equipment monitoring
  • Integration Interfaces third parties
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