Energy and Water Control

Control de energía y agua

Today more than ever, energy and water costs are a growing part of the business. Are you aware of the rush house and the use of energy and water in your building or factory?.

With the services and products of energy control provided by Melacorp S.A you will not only know where, when and how energy and water are being used in your operation, you will be able to manage its use in an efficient way, optimize costs in a future and have an argument and information to negotiate with your water supplier.

With our systems of Energy Control, you will have access to the energetic information of your building or central plant, as well as any other office, remote buildings or stores that require it, all from a single point of control.

You will count with tools to perform analyses of data of meters in order to determine the range of energy and water saving opportunities and validate conservation projects and environmental impact.

As global energy demand increases and price volatility intensifies, energy and resource management will be increasingly critical for the success of your business.

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