Fire Detection

Detección de incendios

Melacorp S.A Melacorp S.A. is a leading solutions integrator of fire alarm systems, we offer a wide range of professional certificated products and fire detection and annunciation from the world’s leading manufacturers that will allow you to meet the project specification required.

We offer, among other products:

  • Addressable Fire Detection Panels
  • Conventional detection panels
  • Fire detection panels with fiber optic communication
  • Fire detection panels large users
  • Smoke Detectors various technologies
  • Fire Reporting System
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Gas Sensors
  • Power supplies
  • Graphical interface for fire detection systems
  • Photobeam sensors sheds
  • Preaction systems
  • Suction Sensors
  • Temperature sensors linear
  • Accessories
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