Optical Fiber

Fibra óptica

Welcome to our selection of fiber optic cables for voice and data to ensure the exceptional quality and speed telecommunications.

We are proud to work and represent the world leader in the development and manufacture of optical fibers, Furukawa.

With a global presence and participation in the global optical fiber market, Furukawa and its subsidiaries as OFS Optical Leading Innovations, have several patents, as singlemode fiber NZD (Non Zero Disperson) ZWP singlemode fibers (Zero Water-Peak) and multimode fiber optimized OM3 and OM4 to meet the demand for high-speed networks

Please explore the wide range of cables and optical fibers for voice and data, accessories and many more:


As part of our commitment to quality, we offer cables meet a variety of quality-oriented certifications and environmental protection as UL – Underwriters Laboratories, RoHS, ETL and Anatel.

For more information and orders, please contact us.

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