We supply and install the best equipment and multi-service mesh networks for commercial, industrial and municipal outdoors and indoors. We take pride in working as a partner of the highest quality equipment and efficiency as Cisco and Firetide since they allow us to pass on to customers with network infrastructure security and performance for all types of solutions such as CCTV wireless Internet access, public networks security and temporary networks where rapid deployment, mobility and ease of installation are required.

Our systems and wireless infrastructure will offer reliable connectivity anywhere; our solutions are perfectly adapted to their environmental conditions and can operate in typical spectra of 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz

  • Reliable Connectivity Anywhere
  • Solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of municipal wireless networks and public safety
  • Video Performance
  • Network Scalability
  • Modularity
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Voice Quality
  • Multi-service network

For more information and orders, please contact us.

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