Fire & Gas

Control IncendiosWe offer a broad portfolio of solutions Honeywell fire detection and gas, which provide a rapid and consistent operational response to emergencies, ensuring maximum uptime of the plant.

  • Honeywell’s gas and fire solutions offer a comprehensive solution to protect their critical infrastructure. Take advantage of the broad experience of Honeywell as a single interlocutor contact throughout the entire life cycle of the system and receive:
    • Reduced insurance premiums
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Risk reduction and operational performance optimized
    • Sustainable Lifecycle

    This new generation of fire and gas solutions alerts people in a fast, accurate and structured way, providing staff time to decide what course of action to take. System also allows the gas and fire solutions to carry out the necessary actions to protect the plant and mitigate the damage caused by the hazard.

    Honeywell’s comprehensive industrial portfolio includes fire and innovative technologies of gas detection integrated with security systems and security management:

    • Gas detectors: infrared and catalytic detectors for inflammable gas, chemcassettes and electrochemical for toxic gas detectors.
    • Flame detectors: include electric, heat, CO, flame and laser pictures
    • Fire Alarm Panels: integrated display and integration of local alarm to fire and gas system
    • Security System: Integrates field sensors and SIL alarms to meet the Requirements of IEC 61511; integrated fire and gas detection and emergency shutdown (ESD) for system applications up to SIL-3
    • Distributed Control System: redundant multi-protocol support for Integration with various systems and devices
    • Security Solutions: Wide range of perimeter video surveillance (CCTV) automated proprietary
    • Services: Honeywell Global Services’ projects are TUV certified in compliance with IEC 61511


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