VideoWall/ Control Room

Video wall

Control room and crisis in public or private organization; represent the synergy point and concentration of today’s technology, but most importantly the point where reception and output of information for these companies converge.

It is the value that these control centers casually generate for the company, which has allowed its own evolution and development. With the importance that represent control centers, Melacorp SA has been associated as a partner with Engineers Aplein of Spain and with offices in Europe, Asia and America, who have extensive experience and proven equipment for this corporate element of the first order

  • Mural tailored self-projection
  • LCD or LED Screens
  • Videowall Controllers
  • Furniture

The uses of the control rooms are many and varied, among them there are:

  • Information and Coordination Center
  • Image to company
  • Training and Training Center
  • Crisis and Emergency Rooms
  • Corporate and Operations Control

For more information and requests, please contact us.

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