IP Telephony

Telefonia IP

With the rapid development of telecommunications, the urgent need to optimize resources while increasing productivity, controls, employee mobility, VoIP phone systems have evolved technologically and gained an important space compared to traditional telephony.

Sustained in its integration capabilities, Melacorp SA as partner of Cisco offers the development of converged networks and IP connectivity for your business, which certainly includes IP telephony solutions including simpler systems to the most complex system. This option will allow you to have a single solution provider with economies of scale and cost savings.

We propose to maximize the convergence of voice, data and video to IP telephony applications that allow us to propose high added value for the company that amplify benefits compared to conventional telephony.

For all industries, we offer:

  • IP Phones
  • Central VOIP
  • Videoconferencing VOIP

For more information and orders, please contact us.

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