IP Telepresence

Telepresencia IP

With downtime travel logistics, availability costs, fuel costs and rising air travel fares, today is increasingly expensive to leave your office to travel to meetings elsewhere. Video conferencing is not new but we can say that has evolved impressively.

With many products on the market, companies have avoided the use of the basic tools of videoconferencing technology since these were unable to offer a professional level of picture and audio quality that businesses require.

This is where Melacorp S.A. highlights the difference between personal videoconferencing products and telepresence products for business professionals recreating the meeting room experience, and come face to face with customers or colleagues globally dispersed. Now the meetings can take place without the hassle of traveling and being more available than ever.

With our technology partner Cisco, the telepresence experience will make you think as if all participants were actually in the same room together.

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