New Constructions

Nuevas construcciones

With the dynamic of constructions and technology, Melacorp SA will be your primary partner projects. Whether you are starting a construction project from scratch or renovating and upgrading the infrastructure in an existing building, our engineers, architects, technicians and project managers will work with you to simplify your process and constructive decisions. Including Melacorp S.A from the beginning of the planning stages can help you reduce the run time from the start, also facilitating the installation and commissioning of the systems.

Experience in project management

  • Help with the design, estimation, construction and equipment specifications,
  • Coordination of subcontractors related
  • Commissioning to previously installed systems
  • Support certification and documentation
  • post-construction support to final customers

Value for owners, developers and building managers

The construction equipment is a big investment, and this investment will generate operating costs with the building running. The right choice of equipment is key to the entire life cycle of your building. Melacorp S.A. will contribute to project technological investment in its buildings and its future operational optimization.


Technological scope that we include:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Building automation systems
  • Security solutions
  • Energy Control Solutions
  • Systems Integration Solutions
  • Communication Systems Solutions

Open systems, future solutions

Melacorp S.A. is designed to grow with your business building. Our mission is to create value to its customers and consequently to you, through services and open scalable technology systems that integrate easily and ease of growth and expansion.

Melacorp S.A. agrees to extend the life and value of their systems, regardless of their manufacturer. We may also provide your staff with the support and training they need to be more productive.

The technology in buildings and Melacorp S.A’s experience are a competitive advantage in today’s world. Make this your advantage too.

For more information about solutions for building Melacorp SA, please contact us.

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