Building Management System – BMS

Administración de edificios

In Melacorp S.A. we take care of planning, organizing, directing and controlling all resources (human, financial, physical and technological) so that your building gets its maximum economic, social and operational benefit.

Our philosophy is to provide a productive, efficient and comfortable environment for all who use and enjoy the facilities.

We integrate and interrelate the building structure, systems, services and management to provide performance, security, flexibility, convenience and cost reduction.

Our goals are:

  • To meet the present and future needs of the occupants, building owners and operators
  • Achieve flexibility in both, structure and the systems and services
  • Develop a fully functional building
  • Increased user comfort
  • Increasing security
  • Encourage work
  • Availability of advanced techniques
  • Automating Installations
  • Integrate services
  • Create a healthy building
  • Promote energy conservation
  • Contribute to the care of the environment
  • Reduce the high costs of operation and maintenance
  • Economic benefits to the client’s portfolio
  • Increased life of the building
  • Cost-benefit relation
  • Increase the prestige of the company.
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